Tips to Beat Jet Lag

Glowing somewhere this Summer? We’re here to help you kick jet lag to the curb and look amazing doing it. If you’re traveling by air, its important to stay hydrated as the airplane’s compressed cabin can dry out your skin.  

First things first, make sure to drink plenty of water the day before, during and after your flight. Up for a challenge? Try to drink about 8 ounces of water every hour while in flight. In addition to staying hydrated on the inside, you’ll want to make sure you’re hydrated on the outside as well.  

We love to pack travel makeup wipes to prep the skin, wipe clean, tone, and then layer on Jet Lag Mask for the duration of the flight. This will keep your skin mega-hydrated, giving you glowing skin when you arrive at your destination. Also on the list of things we never travel without (in addition to the Jet lag Mask) are a super-soft SLIP silk eye mask, travel toothbrush, micellar water, a hydrating rose water spray and a soothing lip mask. So, if you’re jetting off on a well-deserved vacay—don’t forget our favorite in-flight essentials to keep your skin vacation-ready!