My Story

The Orange Story


The story of White Orange began when I was a teenager. My skin seemed to be a harvesting ground for pimples no matter how hard I scrubbed or how many products I tried. I went to a ton of different dermatologists and tried a laundry list of products, both prescription and nonprescription, topical and oral. An endless cycle started of trying and discarding new products - finally getting rid of ones that did nothing and then starting all over again. Each time I felt I would get a glimmer of hope, to then finally be let down.

It really affected my self confidence and self esteem, and I felt like I was walking around with a dark cloud over my head, wishing no one could see me.

It’s especially hard when you’re young and in school - girls don’t want to be friends with you as easily, and boys aren’t interested. But to this day, whenever I get a pimple here or there, it always affects how I feel about myself out in the world. It’s a major confidence killer.

Unfortunately, people in our culture do judge a book by its cover, and my cover was not appealing. They couldn’t even get to the beautiful inside of what I had to offer. I felt that I wasn’t able to be my true, natural self because I was insecure and embarrassed about my skin, and wanted not to be noticed most of the time.

Finally, a dermatologist prescribed me with Accutane; a very risky prescription drug with a slew of harmful and dangerous side effects, including depression. I didn’t care - I was obsessed with putting an end to my misery and wanted the acne gone. I wanted my life to change, and decided that just about any side effect would be worth it if it fixed my skin. And it did.

I felt the effects of depression for six months, but my acne slowly started to disappear, and my skin finally cleared up. I instantly gained a healthy dose of self confidence and inner strength and had never felt better about myself. It was worth it! I finally had the courage to be myself in front of others without holding back, and it was truly an amazing feeling.

But it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. While Accutane cleared my skin, it was a very strong prescription drug with serious side effects. Even though I was ecstatic to have my skin restored, the depression was serious. Once I was finished with the dose, I became driven to find the best, most natural and safe way to maintain and protect my skin. That’s when became obsessed with skin care, and then, with vitamin C.

I never wanted to feel the effects of bad skin again. I wanted to maintain healthy, young looking skin, prolonging any wrinkles for as long as humanly possible. After a long journey of exploration and self discovery, my dermatologist, referred me to an esthetician who became my guru. She knew everything there was to know about skincare, what really works and what doesn’t. I soaked in all the information and knowledge I could. I tried all the products she gave me to experience the results for myself. She would joke that I should be an esthetician!

After years of research and experiments, I found out which products really do matter in your regimen – the ones that actually do make a difference and the ones that don’t. Vitamin C is one of the ones that DO - and there’s a reason it’s as the beauty industry’s secret superstar skincare ingredient. Just like vitamin C helps prevent you from getting sick, it helps prevent your skin from aging.

Vitamin C is the most powerful natural antioxidant for your skin. Let me explain. It helps prevent and combat against the top two largestcauses of aging: 1) Pollution and environmental free radicals which hurt your skin everyday 2) The sun’s harmful UV rays which attackyour skin every time you step outside. UV rays are so strong that they penetrate and affect your skin even on cloudy days. Not only does vitamin C protect, it also corrects sun damage.

Aside from protecting your skin, vitamin C also strengthens your skin. It makes skin brighter, helping fade away dark spots and blemishes. Vitamin C is also a potent collagen producer. Vitamin C has a slew of benefits (check the benefits page for all the juicy details). It’s truly a natural wonder drug for your skin.

We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident. And for me, that started with having healthy, radiant skin (without the side effects of depression).

White Orange is Mother Nature’s facelift in a bottle and my gift to everybody who wants naturally brighter, radiant skin. I’ve been trying to find the right product all of my life, and now I’ve finally created it! Welcome to the next generation of vitamin C! You can thank me later.